Drone Rentals

Rent DJI Drones for Your Next Aerial Photography Project

Looking to rent drones for your upcoming aerial photography project or drone video? If you're local to Northern NJ or NYC, BerCo Aerial can help! BerCo Aerial has DJI drones you can rent for any shoot - large or small! Find and rent the perfect DJI drone for your next aerial photography project by clicking on the links below.


Drone Rentals:

Events & Real Estate

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Rental

DJI's ultra-portable drone with 1" Hasselblad sensor capable of recording up to UHD 4k video in 10-Bit color and 20MP DNG RAW still photos. 
This drone is a perfect addition to your kit for any real estate or event shoot. It's light weight, quiet, unobtrusive and produces excellent visual quality


Drone Rentals: Commercials, Film/TV

DJI Inspire 2 Drone Rental

When capturing the highest quality video is a priority, the DJI Inspire 2 is the go-to drone for filmmakers who need to capture cinema grade footage.

Get the the most aesthetic control with interchangeable lenses and retain maximum flexibility in post-production by recording in visually lossless ProRes in up to 5.2k resolution. 


Drone Rentals:

VR & Heavy Lift

DJI Matrice 600 Drone Rental

The DJI Matrice 600 is an enterprise level, drone designed to lift heavier cameras (up to 13lbs total payload) with ease. Lift your production's Arri, RED, or other compatible camera with the Matrice 600. 

Filming in 360 degrees and want to capture immersive aerial shots? BerCo Aerial has a pre-configured aerial vr drone setup consisting of the Matrice 600 and the Insta360 Pro2 allowing you to record professional quality 360 degree aerial footage in up to 8k resolution.